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19 December 2008 @ 12:19 pm
My Ringtones are "Voice tones" - neither poly nor mono - you will hear real voices. :)

HOT - Tae Yang
1. Hot[Intro] MF
2. Pray ft. Teddy MF
3. Look Only At Me MF
4. Sinners MF
5. Baby, I'm Sorry MF
6 . Make Love ft. Kush MF

Always - Live Concert Beatboxed version MF
Always - Live Concert Beatboxed version Chorus MF
Sunset Glow - Refrain to Chorus MF
Sunset Glow - Chorus MF
Oh, Ah, Oh MF

01 Intro (Scream now)
02 Oh, Ah, Oh
03 Sunset Glow
04 Twinkle Twinkle
05 Strong_Baby (SeungRi Solo) MF
06 Wonderful MF
07 Foolish Love MF
08 Haru Haru (Acoustic Version) MF
09 Lie (Remix) Chorus MF
09 Lie (Remix) Ending Chorus MF
10 Last Farewell (Remix) MF
11 Remember MF

01 We Are Big Bang MF
02 Lies MF
03 So Beautiful MF
04 Act As if Nothing's Wrong MF
05 Oh Ma Baby MF
06 Always MF

Forever or Never MF

I know I do pretty much Big Bang's songs but I don't mind doing requests. If you have request, I would just simply like you to copy, paste this handy-dandy thing on your comment with your answers of course. :)


For the part of the song, it'd be better if you can give me the exact time so I will know where to start and I don't really have that much songs on my laptop due to fear that it might start causing me troubles so I may ask the song from you if I don't have it or I can't find where to DL it for fast services. =)


if taking any, they make me feel loved. =)
* Credit
if you're taking or even if sharing with others, you'll make me feel enthusiastic to do MOARRR~

*I know, this is kind of 99% won't happen but don't:
*direct link
*credit them as yours

- they are just few and very simple request from makers. :)

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